Recent Work

Recent Work

Recent projects and events that Angela has been involved with.

Christleton W.I.

Christleton W.I.Christleton W.I.

Angela was invited to speak by the W.I. group in Christleton. It was a special event and there was a large gathering of ladies. The organisers had gone to a lot of trouble to give the event a Japanese feel, with buntings and even white iced square cakes with a cherry in the middle to represent the Japanese flag. On one wall they had pinned a beautifully embroidered 'haori' and on another a pretty 'noren'. Some ladies had brought Japanese dolls and various other Japanese and oriental items. Everyone really enjoyed the talk about Japanese culture, language and working with Japanese people. While waiting for coffee and tea, the ladies attempted some 'origami' and Angela gave some instruction on making an origami Japanese samurai helmet.

Christleton W.I. BuntingChristleton W.I. Cakes

School Visit, March 2018

School Visit, March 2018School Visit, March 2018

Later in March 2018 Angela was asked, by a friend and colleague of long standing if she would visit Bury St. Edmunds to assist with a visit by 19 school children and 2 teachers from Takamatsu Dai-Ichi High School. This was a brilliantly organised visit, and fun to help out with.

Great Budworth W.I., March 2018

In March 2018 Angela was again invited by Great Budworth W.I., this time to give a talk about her career. It was very well attended with about 40 ladies present. Both Angela and her talk were well received.

Japanese Culture Presentation, February 2018

Japanese Culture Presentation, February 2018Japanese Culture Presentation, February 2018

In February Angela accompanied the Chairman of Japan Society North West to give a presentation on Japanese culture at Sharples School Bolton for two groups of year 7. What a bright and well-behaved group of children, they were very interested and asked sensible questions. They were a credit both to their teachers and parents.

Doki Doki Event, Manchester 2017

Doki Doki, Manchester 2017Doki Doki Festivals Talk, November 2017

Angela participates in this event now on a regular basis and in 2017 in addition to the Q & A panel event she gave a talk on Festivals and Religion.

Kagawa April 2016

Cookery Demonstration, April 2016Cookery Demonstration Group, April 2016

Talk on the Introduction of Tea in the UKWhile in Kagawa Angela was asked to renew her role as 'Goodwill Ambassador' to the Prefecture for a further 2 years. While she was there she was asked to do a cookery demonstration and give a talk about tea in the U.K. She chose to make an almond pudding with apple and her talk was about the introduction of tea to England and about the different types of afternoon tea and its origins.

Angela with Professor Hamano and Nagai-san, April 2016Angela also met and had lunch with the well known sculptor and artist Professor Toshihiro Hamano.

Professor Hamano is having a series of exhibits organised in the U.K in 2016 and Angela has been asked to help coordinate one in th North West.

Angela is also currently coordinating a visit by some teachers and students from Naoshima in August 2016. She attended meetings in Japan in April and will welcome one of the teachers who is coming in June to Liverpool and London.

Doki Doki Event November 2015

Doki Doki Event Manchester, November 2015Doki Doki Event Manchester, November 2015

Angela was once again asked to give a talk and be part of a panel forum answering questions about Japan at the annual Doki Doki Festival held in Manchester at the Sugden Sports Centre.

This year she gave a talk on Japanese food, which included formal dining, some of the dangers of dining and of course Sanuki Udon (Noodles from Kagawa Prefecture). The panel forum inspired a lot of interest and a great variety of questions. The Festival as always was a great success with over 2000 people attending.

Doki Doki The Manchester Japanese Festival

HellermannTyton June 2015

HellermannTyton International Technical MeetingEarly in June 2015, Angela was asked again by HellermannTyton to do some interpreting for them, but this time it was for their International Technical Meeting held at a conference centre where representatives from the Company's branches all over the world met together to discuss various aspects of the manufacturing side of the business.

Angela accompanied one engineer for all the break out sessions which involved interpreting the other delegates presentations and then the translation of the Japanese engineer's own presentations.

Angela visits the Governor of Kagawa Prefecture

Angela receiving a gift from the Governor of KagawaAngela with the Governor of Kagawa

Following on from the success of Japan Day where Angela introduced Kagawa Prefecture and the noodles it is famous for, she was invited to meet the Governor of the Prefecture, who thanked her for her hard work and presented her with a gift, while Angela presented him with a Liverpool calendar. The International Division which had been so supportive of the event, held in Manchester, then entertained Angela to a sumptuous lunch and a trip in a boat, traditional style, around the lake at the beautiful Ritsurin (stroll around) Gardens. These gardens are considered to be one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan.

Traditional boat trip round the lake at Ritsurin Gardens The lake at Ritsurin Gardens