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Translation Services

Angela Davies worked with Brother Industries, North Wales assisting during their 'setting-up' period interpreting for engineers particularly troubleshooting and translating technical documents.

In March 1990 Angela Davies was invited by the Japanese Government to work for them as an 'International Liaison Officer' at Expo '90 in Osaka where she attended and translated for visiting dignitaries; Royal, Ministerial and Ambassadorial. In addition she was responsible for much of the interpreting work at seminars for horticulturists and environmental specialists as well as receptions held at the Japanese Government Garden exhibition halls.

Angela also worked as a Consultant/Interpreter for Illbruck Koike Ltd. who specialised in polymers and manufactured rollers and associated parts for business machines, in Wrexham, North Wales on a contractual basis where she did all the onsite interpreting and translating of technical documents and manuals from Japanese to English. In addition she ran courses in Japanese language for the managerial staff.

Angela gave interpreting support at Toyota Manufacturing Co., Deeside, assisting the Japanese and English engineers with transferring technical processes, trouble-shooting, training and maintenance, and also provided technical assistance for their subsidiary company Toyoda.

Other interpreting/translating work has been for Rolls Royce & Bentley Motor Cars, Shell, BICC, Pilkingtons Glass, British Telecom, North Wales Police, Mold Magistrates Court, Dubilier Electronics, Neeron Construction, ICI Chemicals, Chloride Batteries, Avon Ames, Bretby Polymers, The Body Shop, Media Londinium, Visit Chester and Cheshire, Less Common Metals.

Specialist areas covered in the work above are patents, technical drawings, manuals and commercial work.