Services - Interpreting

Liaison Interpreting

Angela Davies offers a range of interpreting services to meet the needs of her clients.

What is liaison Interpreting Used For?

Liaison Interpreting which is to some extent the most personal and informal type of interpreting. It is used principally for small groups or meetings (e.g. a business meeting between two executives).

Liaison interpreting is useful for small groups or meetings, one-on-one interviews, etc. It is also useful for when the interpreter is being used to accompany a single person or small group on a visit to Japan (or visiting the UK).

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is where the interpreter stands beside the speaker and interprets in sections, i.e. consecutively. Whilst the speaker is talking, depending on the length of the sections of speech, the interpreter may take notes, and then when the speaker stops, the interpreter relays what has been said into the target language. The interpreter will reproduce what has been said accurately and faithfully. For consecutive interpreting, our experienced, qualified interpreters work both into and out of the target language.

Who is consecutive interpreting useful for?

Consecutive interpreting is appropriate for a number of different settings. More frequently it is assigned to small to medium-sized gatherings, but is perfectly acceptable for larger gatherings with the aid of a microphone and speakers.

Telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting is a form of consecutive interpreting. It is performed via a three-way or conference telephone call. The interpreter takes notes throughout, and once each part of the conversation has been uttered, the interpreter relays what has been said. This is by far the most flexible way for interpreting to be done, as the interpreter can plausibly be anywhere on the planet where there is a telephone. For telephone interpreting, we work both into and out of the target language.

Who is telephone interpreting useful for?

This is useful for when either the client or the interpreter are not located in the same country. Please note the cost of the telephone call would be met by the company requesting the interpreting.