2017 Award for promoting the teaching of English in schools

Angela receiving her award for teaching servicesIn March 2017 Angela went to Naoshima where she was presented with an award for her services to promoting the teaching of English in the schools there over the last 15 years.

A formal ceremony was held in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall with the Mayor and Director of the Board of Education as well as most of the Council members.

Angela in the Governor's OfficeAngela with current staff members of the International Division

Angela receiving a gift from Governor HamadaThe visit to Kagawa, for which Angela has been Ambassador since 2005, also marked the 30th anniversary of her time there as the first CIR (Coordinator for International Relations) on the JET Programme in 1987. Because of that she made a visit to meet with Governor Hamada and just before she left Japan, was told that she would be receiving an award from the Governor as part of his Constitution Day ‘honours list’. The formal ceremony took place on May 9th at the Kenmin Hall. The award was for her continued contribution to furthering international exchanges in all spheres of culture and education, between the UK and Kagawa Prefecture since 1988.

2013 Foreign Minister's Commendation

Angela with Ambassador HayashiOn 29th October 2013 Angela was invited to the residence of His Excellency, Ambassador and Madame Hayashi, for a ceremony in which she was awarded the Japanese Foreign Minister`s Commendation awarded to individuals and groups of outstanding achievements in international fields, to acknowledge their contribution to the promotion of friendship between Japan and other countries. The Commendation also aims to promote the understanding and support of the Japanese public for their activities.

Ambassador Hayashi presenting Angela with the certificate of CommendationA select group of invitees, principally people who had supported Angela throughout her career, and also her close family were there to celebrate this prestigious award.

The Ambassador spoke at some length about Angela's achievements and she was truly overwhelmed and moved by his heartfelt expressions of appreciation.

After the ceremony there was a wonderful buffet reception which included, of course, Sanuki Udon!

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Ambassadorship Renewal

Ambassadorship RenewalIn May 2014 Angela visited Kagawa and met with the Vice-Governor as her Ambassadorship was to be renewed for a further two years.

Ambassadorship Renewal

Commendations and Awards for Outstanding Contribution

Certificate of Commendation from the Ambassador of Japan to the Court of St James, His Excellency Yoshiji Nogami.In 2007 Angela Davies received a Certificate of Commendation from the Ambassador of Japan to the Court of St James, His Excellency Yoshiji Nogami. The Commendation was in recognition of her outstanding contribution to enhancing cultural relations between Britain and Japan over the last 25 years.

Angela is only the second British person to date to receive such a commendation, which she said was "an amazing and tremendous honour". Mr Takao Anzawa, cultural attaché at the Japanese embassy, said: "Anglo-Japanese relations are improving all the time and we are very thankful for Angela Davies' help and organisation. She has made contributions in many fields and that is why we have given this special award."

Other Commendations

International Award from Urban Green Space Foundation for her work co-ordinating the Japanese garden with The Daily Telegraph, The Team for the Japanese Garden and the Japanese Embassy at the Chelsea Flower Show in Japan Year.

In 2003 Angela was the only non-Japanese person to be Nominated ‘Cultural Ambassador’ to Kagawa Prefecture, a position she still holds today.

In November 2001 Angela was awarded the prize for International Relations by the Urban Green Space Foundation of Japan for work coordinating the Japanese Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show during Japan Year in the UK, which won a gold medal and the award for the ‘Best in Show’.

In June 1999 she was awarded the Satoh prize for International Relations by the Parks and Open Spaces Association of Japan for her involvement in coordinating the restoration of the Chokushi-mon gateway and the creation of a Japanese landscape at the Royal Botanic Gardens , Kew.